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Updated June 4th 2020

Zendell offers international promotional distribution importing and exporting of products manufactured by the Z and our overseas partners on selected items.

  • Jesse Dean Designs (USA)
  • Stokyo (JP)

Promotional products are items that have an SKU code but are not part of the business inventory. These products are ‘over’ manufactured, therefore resulting in excess stock items. The import/export of these items are deemed as ‘sales’ to selected businesses and/or individual promotional companies/person(s) Worldwide.

Promotional products ‘may’ have a defect of some form, however, they are all fit for purpose.

The promotional resell price ranges from free to a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) by the purchaser. Shipping costs are exclusive.

The below items are not always readily available. Quantities available for purchase vary and are unknown until the end of the manufacturing stage.

HS Tariff Code
Cost Per Unit
12 inch Phonographic Vinyl Record
HS Code 85238090
10 inch Phonographic Vinyl Record
HS Code 85238090
GBP 1.50
7 inch Phonographic Vinyl Record
HS Code 85238090
12 inch Phonographic Vinyl Slipmat
HS Code 85238090
GBP 1.25
7 inch Phonographic Vinyl Slipmat
HS Code 85238090
GBP 0.75

Phonographic Turntable
HS Code 85193000
GBP 99
DVS Controller
HS Code 85437091
GBP 65
Portable Phonographic Turntable
HS Code 85198900
GBP 65
Phonographic Turntable Portable DJ Mixer
HS Code 85437022
GBP 54
Phonographic Turntable Midi Mixer Unit
HS Code 85437069
GBP 37
Phonographic Turntable Cartridge and Stylus
HS Code 85221000
GBP 2.25

Phonographic Turntable Carbon Tonearm
HS Code 85193000
Phonographic Turntable Platter
HS Code 85193000
Phonographic Turntable Plastic Platter Support
HS Code 39161000
GBP 0.45
Phonographic Turntable PCB Tonearm
HS Code 85193000
Phonographic Turntable Contactless Internal Fader
HS Code 85193000
GBP 1.75
Phonographic Turntable Internal Fader
HS Code 85193000
GBP 1.25
Phonographic Turntable Digital Stop Start Button
HS Code 85381000
GBP 0.50
Phonographic Turntable Technics RCA Cable
HS Code 85352100
Phonographic Turntable Rubber Band Belt
HS Code 40169920
GBP 0.01
Phonographic Turntable Plastic Spindle Holders
HS Code 39161000
GBP 0.09
Phonographic Turntable Felt Replacement Strips
HS Code 48081000
GBP 0.05
Phonographic Turntable Carbon Fibre Handle
HS Code 85193000
GBP 0.90
Phonographic Turntable Cable Wires and Lugs
HS Code 85442000
GBP 0.10
Side Click CR4 Steel Stand and Others
HS Code 72165000
GBP 3.00

Branded and Designed Cotton T-Shirt
HS Code 61091000
Laser-cut Alder Ply Wood 7 inch Crates
HS Code 44123300
GBP 0.65